Young Scholar

Vincenzo Saverio Montecalvo is a scholar of history. At only nine years of age he is passionate about reading, writing, and studying historical text. He is a forth generation Italian American, with both his maternal family derviving from Agrigento, Sicily and his paternal family derviving from Bari. He recently spent two weeks in Rome (see the attached picture). He loves his Italian American culture, the power of history, and the power of strong leadership. He aspires to study history and enter the political and/or the entrepreneurial arena(s). He has recently has begun a company that he hopes will continue the traditions of his Great Grandmothers. With S&E Italian Cuisine, he uses family recipes to teach and share the love of food and family. He hopes that understanding the weaknesses of former greater leaders will help him personally grow into a strong, articulate, and compassionate leader.He recently wrote the below essay about Alexander the Great.

Vincenzo Saverio Montecalvo (photo by Michele Montecalvo)

Vincenzo Saverio Montecalvo (photo by Michele Montecalvo)

    Alexander The Great

Can you imagine conquering an empire before the age of 32? Alexander III was born on July 20th 356 BCE in Pella, Macedonia which is in Greece. Alexander got the rank general when he was 18 years old. He became the king at at the age of 20. He is most known for never losing a physical battle ever. Alexander was an inspiration for many other conquers such as Julius Caesar.

Alexander had a very unusual childhood. To begin, his parents were Philip II of Macedonia and Olympia. Though he barely saw his father. He started training with Bucephalas, the horse, at the age 12. He did this by turning him away from his shadow, which the horse was afraid of. According to the book, Who was Alexander the Great, it states, “Bucephalas was a very difficult horse to ride, not even King Philip could mount him.” A quote from the book, Leaders of Ancient Greece: Alexander the Great, it states, “ His father Philip II of Macedona, left Alexander, aged only sixteen, in charge at home while he was away; during that time, a small tribe in north Macedon revolted.” This was Alexander’s first battle at only 16 years of age. The probably gave him the taste for victory. This very much affected his adult life.

Alexander was very close with family and it was important to him to start a family. From the the text, Alexander the Great Rocks the World, it says, “ He commanded ninety-two of his officers to get married,” and, “ He even took a second wife.” He had more than one wife, one was the daughter of King Darius, his enemy! Alexander believed he was the son of Zeus. He went to a temple of Ammon the Egyptian Zeus, the priest there called him the son of Ammon. Last, he stayed very close to his mother throughout his campaigns in Asia. His family probably made a strong impact to him similar to his childhood.

Alexander had many accomplishments. First, he defeated the strongest empire of his time and more, before he was 40 years old. Most conquers conquer between C35-55 without taking over a empire. Next, he never lost a single physical battle, only support from his army. Last but not least, he has a few towns named after him. His most famous is Alexandria which had at a time the largest library in the world with thousands maybe millions of scrolls and books. There are many tributes and statues of him in egyptian temples.

Alexander died at age 32. It was caused by a mysterious ailment. Alexander the Great’s empire crumpled when he died. The smart and strategic mind of his childhood was with him all of his life. His passion for fighting continued throughout all his life, helped him to be called the King of the four quarters of the world and King of Asia. When he died, only three generals got uneven parts of the empire. No one could could be compared to his power and glory. Alexander the Great continues, thousands of years later, to live up to his name and legacy of greatness.

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