Featured Poets

Paul Mariani

The Beloved Ghosts of Compiano Italy, sweet Italy, and the ghosts the very thought of it evokes. They came from Compiano, in the region of Parma, my grandfather and my grandmother, nonno e nonna, back some 120 years ago. First Giuseppe—Joe—age 25, in 1896, then Giulia, with their one-year-old...


Barbara Poti Crooker

Reflections on Immigration, Identity, and Poetry I’m thinking about immigrants and immigration right now, as every day it seems one of the presidential candidates is calling for building a huge wall, deporting illegals, raising our quotas, etc. etc. And yet, indigenous Americans aside, didn’t we all come from somewhere...


Anne Marie Macari

Beginnings I was weaned on stories. My grandmother would repeat tales of her childhood in Italy, of her prophetic sister who died there during the Spanish Flu epidemic, of their crossing in the winter of 1919 on the ship that almost sank in the middle of the Atlantic, of...